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We accept most insurance, including UnitedHealthCare, Cigna and Blue Shield.Yes Chi Clinic treats patients in a joyful and creative way through results-oriented acupuncture and herbal medicine.

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  • “After 3 failed IVF attempts I was told the chances of me having a baby were slim. I saw Dr. Ye and after 7 cycles I got pregnant naturally! ”

  • “I have not been without my walking stick in years. After 2 months of treatment with Dr. Ye, my pain has disappeared and so has my walking stick!”

  • “I suffered shoulder and neck pain for over 25 years. After Dr. Ye I feel I can smile again and my depression is totally gone.”

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  • Elaine P. San Francisco, CA

    Tracy Ye is incredible! I have been seeing her for a couple of years and she helps me with many things, especially my sciatica pain. My daughter first went to her and told me how helpful Tracy was for her and I have been her patient ever since. ...

  • Arlene D. Bay Area, CA

    Let me first sum up Tracy by saying she is the BEST acupuncturist HANDS DOWN that I have ever been to and, believe me, I've seen quite a few! Tracy is truly amazing. I first started coming to the clinic back in June 2011 because I had excruciating pa...

  • Park O. San Francisco, CA

    Tracy's Terrific! I have a cat and i am allergic to cats. Results were immediate after my first acupuncture treatment. My allergies are under control. I can sleep better without having to take antihistamines. Thanks Tracy!

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